Interesting Entrepreneurs

The next couple of posts will be about a road trip that my niece, Mia, and I took to visit my son and his family in Arcata, Ca.

This post is focusing on the Arcata farmers market and noticing a few entrepreneurs creating income from what they seem good at and hopefully love to do. If you are talented at something you are no doubt passionate about that something and it will show.

The first one is a face painter. Now you say well what is so special about that. I was intregeded by the amount of creativity with their sign and by just looking at that sign I was convinced that this person was talented and passionate about their talent.

The second is a women who sat in her chair with her typewriter, manuel typerwriter mind you, in front of her and with a sign that read “The Poem Store,” “your subject, your price.” We watched as she took her customer’s subject and without hesitation, typed out a poem on a small piece of paper. My neice gave her a subject and she wrote an amazing poem that was right on and very touching.